• Mid-Temperature Gloves 70g
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Protect your hands from extreme heat or cold with our series of Mid and High-Temperature Cleanroom Gloves.


Our Static Dissipative, High-Temperature Cleanroom Gloves have been designed to handle dry materials at temperatures from -210o F to 1200o F.

Made of a high density nylon liner which reduces particulate generation when gloves are donned or removed and a tough outer shell, these gloves will not burn, char, melt or outgas. These gloves are excellent for use with diffusion furnaces or burn-in ovens and contain no fiberglass or other health hazardous materials.

Each pair is individually processed in a Class 100 environment and packaged in a bag.


Our Mid-Temperature Cleanroom Gloves are designed to withstand temperatures from -78o F to 450o F in both wet and dry applications. The liquid proof polyurethane material resists solvents, fluxes, and abrasions, while the nylon lining prevents shedding and particulate generation when the gloves are donned or removed.


Both types of gloves come in a variety of styles and sizes to provide you with the design and protection required for your application. Contact CleanroomSupply if you don't see what you're looking for.

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