• DuPont™ Tychem® QC Sleeved Apron, QC275B YL
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Apron, long sleeve, knee length, open back, elastic wrists, neck loop with snaps, and waist ties. Made with Tychem QC material. Yellow.

  • Knee-length apron/gown design with attached sleeves
  • Provides enhanced frontal protection
  • Tightly sewn seam is covered with garment fabric to reinforce seam and reduce potential for particle penetration
  • Open back for wearer comfort
  • Bound seams around neck opening with snap closure
  • Ties at waist
  • Elastic opening for tighter fit at wrist
  • 44" long for neck-to-knee coverage
  • Available in multiple sizes

25 Units per Case


DuPont™ Tychem® QC Sleeved Apron. Elastic Wrists. 44" Long. Neck Loop w/ Snaps & Waist Ties. Bound Seams. Yellow.

  • Full DuPont Part Number: QC275BYLxx002500  (xx=size)



A lightweight, and durable fabric, DuPont™ Tychem® QC utilizes the strength of DuPont™ Tyvek® fabric and a polyethylene coating. Tychem® QC fabric provides at least 30 minutes of protection against 42 chemical challenges. Tychem® QC is used for light splash protection in a variety of industrial environments, including petroleum refining, pulp and paper manufacturing, food processing, chemical processing, and pharmaceutical manufacturing.


  1. The garment shall be constructed of DuPont™ Tychem® QC -- a DuPont™ Tyvek® protective fabric coated with 1.25 mils of polyethylene.
  2. The garment shall be yellow in color.
  3. The garment shall be a sleeved apron design.
  4. The garment shall have bound seams.
  5. The garment shall have a neck loop with snaps.
  6. The garment shall have waist ties.
  7. The garment shall have elastic wrists.
  8. The garment shall be 44" in length.

Additional Equipment Needed

  • Wear other appropriate PPE such as, but not limited to, respiratory, eye, head, hand, and foot protection based on the hazard assessment.
  • This garment only provides partial body coverage. It may be worn in combination with other chemical resistant PPE as required based on the hazard assessment.
  • Please read, understand and follow the Tychem® User Manual.


  • Size:
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